the history

Between memory and innovation, between tradition and future.

The Fotoamatori civitanovesi Group was founded in 1982 by Paul Domenella, Luigi Sampaolesi, Umberto Polizio, Ciro Lazzarini, Prime Recchioni, Roberto Gaetani, Primo and Fabrizio Garbuglia, Ivano Quintavalle. It is at the origin of the Photo Library Hall of Civitanova Marche, central visual communication, whose birth was made official by the Council by Resolution No. 429 of the 1983. 

The first seat of the institution was in Saragat Road, Fontespina district, where the basement rooms of a school were equipped thanks to the donations of amateurs, who staged an archive, a press laboratory with darkroom and rooms for exhibitions.

In 2004 the council invested money in this Institution and its the ability to organize cultural important events, providing also a new prestigious location in the main square. 

In more than thirty years of activity, the photo library has organized exhibitions, meetings and events of national importance, thoughts about contemporary visual communication, becoming a reference and comparison place, not only for professional photographers and amateurs, but also for intellectuals, artists and writers moved by the desire to see the reality through images.

Today the photo library has a staff and a management philosophy totally changed. The Institution is now called to question itself about photography not only as a documentation tool, but also as a means of original artistic production, that is able to represent the speed, the connection, the liquidity of the contemporary world more than others.