the archive

The Municipal Photo Library of Civitanova Marche – visual communication center boasts an archive of more than 100,000 images, original prints and negatives made up with different techniques, both historical and contemporary.

In the “national authors” area, thanks to the donation of both historical and photografic funds, negatives and prints made up by authors of national and international importance are preserved. Particularly represented is the Italian neorealism period.

In the “Local History” area, thanks to the donating funds, historical photographers and collectors of the territory (i.e. Pennesi, Sgarzoni, Cabassi) tell the history of Civitanova through images, since the beginning of the twentieth century.

To complete the collection there are some examples of several historical photographic techniques, i.e. from the daguerreotype to the gum bichromate and to the platinotype, well as a large collection of historical instruments, both photographic and post production.

The iconographic heritage of the Photo Library is constantly under study, restoration and cataloging to make the conservation easier and the use by a more and more increasly users. 

Over the years, individual users, students, teachers, schools, universities, institutes and cultural institutions took advantage of our consultation service and assets reproduction without taking profits. The long-term goal of the photo library is to reach the complete digitization of archival materials to make them available online.